The No-BS 9-Minute Kettlebell & Bodyweight Strength Challenge – 2X your strength in ½ the time – no gym needed!

Internationally acclaimed leader in kettlebell and bodyweight strength and fitness reveals his Top Shelf, Grade A, 9-minute workout challenge for busy people looking to boost their strength, accelerate their stamina, and recapture their resilience. 

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“I attended the Salkin Body Weight Workshop not really knowing what to expect… I learned so, so much!...I was able to achieve a 1-arm pushup, the back bridge from standing to standing, almost achieved a handstand pushup (still working on this one), L-sit, a pull-up, and the L-sit pull-up… His clear explanation and impressive demonstration of every movement creates a safe and fun environment where you will be blown away by what knowledge and practical application you gain. This workshop will not disappoint. I can’t wait to do the next one!”
Sally Priest
Brisbane, Australia
With Aleks’s help I reached my goals – one-arm pushups and pistol squats – faster than expected and can do several solid sets now. This amazed me big time. I am a tall guy (1.94 meters/6’3”) and physics really plays against me especially with those unilateral moves…I could not figure out how to get around it. However, thanks to Aleks’s know-how I was able to master those challenging moves!”
Marc Braun
“I reached out to Aleks to ask if he'd be willing to take me on as a student, and shortly after things started to change dramatically… [He] crafted together a program that not only smoothed out all of my rough spots, but ultimately got me to a downright EASY 36 kg pullup with NO elbow pain! Best of all, he is encouraging, witty, and makes the process of training for such daunting goals exciting rather than borderline clinical. Highly recommended!"
Frances Moylan
Perth, Australia
Following Aleks’ templates, I passed my SFG2 re-certification with far more ease than any other certification. I was even given high praise by my Master instructor and teammates. If you’re looking for a coach to help you train smarter, not harder, Aleks is the guy! I highly recommend him to help you reach your goals.”
Shannon McNutt
“Aleks...I just wanted to give a shout out and thank you for the excellent [Inner Circle] routines. I completed a 50 mile trail race yesterday and feel that the routines over the past few months have really helped, particularly the single-leg work, squats, lunges and in-between workouts.

My footing was rock-solid, I never turned an ankle (something that frequently happens), and when I had to make a sudden adjustment to avoid an obstacle, it was smooth, easy and stable.

Strength and mobility really do go hand-in-hand!”
Mike Meagher
United States